Jowett - - The Jowett Jupiter the car that leaped to fame 9781845849122 Edmund Nankivell
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The Jowett Jupiter
Brand new edition of the definitive Jowett Jupiter book!
The Jowett Jupiter was an instant success in racing and rallying from the moment it appeared in 1950. It's chassis, designed by the famous Austrian racing engineer Dr Eberan-Eberhorst, ensured its successes were in large measure due to its excellent handling, making it a much sought-after classic to this day.

From the Jupiter’s inception and development, to its sporting successes, and its current status as a sought-after classic, ‘Jowett Jupiter – the Car that Leaped to Fame’ is a unique book by Edmund Nankivell, the world authority on the Jupiter, and is a complete study of the model.

With its advanced chassis designed by Dr Eberan-Eberhorst, the noted Austrian engineer who was also responsible for designing the Auto Union Type D Grand Prix car, the Jowett Jupiter was an instant hit. Its responsive handling and lively engine made the Jupiter a great sporting success from the off, with a record-breaking win at the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1950, and a class 1-2 win at the 1951 Monte Carlo International Rally.

This book covers the Jupiter’s success across the board, revealing the full chronology of the model, its racing derivatives, and the special-bodied Jupiters from the likes of Stabilimenti Farina and Abbott of Farnham. With chapters detailing Jupiters in current use, historic racing, and concours events, this new edition includes more images and updated information, and provides a comprehensive record of this fantastic, historic car.

Additional Information
Covering the Jowett Jupiter story from 1950 to the present day, this new edition covers the same ground better, as well as much new ground. It’s motorsport success was partly due to its excellent design features, from Gerald Palmer, Dr Ing Robert Eberan-Eberhorst – the best racing car designer of the age – and ERA (English Racing Automobiles), who produced the prototypes with Eberan-Eberhorst.

About half of all Jupiters built survive to this day, many in very good condition, and with at least three in very competitive racing trim. This book details the interesting and important activities that Jupiter owners have indulged in over the decades since its inception. No other book gives anything like such detailed coverage of Jupiter usage past and present, even pointing to the future.

Includes rare photos of Jupiters in important sporting events; a chapter on the Jupiters built with coach-built bodies, rather than the standard coachwork; and a complete listing of all Jupiters built, with their current statuses, where known.

Chapter 1 – The Jowett Jupiter
Chapter 2 – The Jupiter Experiment
The skin and beneath
Summary of road tests
Comparisons with other cars of the period
Good Works and private race and rally results 1950–1953
Jowett Jupiter records
Chapter 3 – The Leap to Fame – Le Mans and the R1 Jupiters
Chapter 4 – The Major Rallies 1949 to 1953
Chapter 5 – Races and Speed Events 1950 to 1953
Chapter 6 – Other Rallies and Events 1950 to 1966
Chapter 7 – Jupiters Yesterday and Today
25,000 miles in a Jowett Jupiter
The Jupiter in Concours d’Elégance
The Jupiter in Historic racing
Current use
Chapter 8 – The History of the R4 Jupiters
Chapter 9 – Special-bodied Jupiters: the Coachbuilders
Chapter 10 – The Jupiter Register
Epilogue – Sir Hugh Bell remembers
Appendix – A Jupiter Chronology

The Jowett Jupiter
The Jowett JupiterThe Jowett JupiterThe Jowett Jupiter
The Jowett JupiterThe Jowett Jupiter

Ondertitelthe car that leaped to fame
Auteur(s)Edmund Nankivell
Over de auteur(s)Edmund Nankivell has owned Jupiters since 1967. He bought an interesting special-bodied example in 1969, which was restored and on the road by 1971. This aroused his curiosity about Jowett and Jupiters: their successes in national and international competition, and the Jowett company’s triumphs, trials and tribulations. This led him into intensive research: interviews and correspondence with competition drivers, Factory personnel up to a very senior level, and several others associated with the Jowett company and its post-war models, and his research has led to books and magazine articles. He has detailed documentation on every Jupiter and produces detailed registers for the Jupiter club, as well as creating and running the Jowett Jupiter website.
Publicatie datum2016
TaalEngels l English
BindingGebonden, met stofomslag l Hardbound, with dustjacket
Afmetingen256 x 258 x 24 mm
VoorraadNiet op voorraad, wel bestelbaar.


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