Alfa Romeo - - The Alfa Romeo V6 Engine High-Performance Manual 9781845840211 Jim Kartalamakis
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The Alfa Romeo V6 Engine High-Performance Manual

THE definitive Alfa DOHC engine high performance Bible.

Aimed at the do-it-yourself tuner.

Simple explicit steps with supporting illustration.

All important measurements given.

Unique LSD building procedure.

Unique inductive distributor recurving step by step.

Affordable big-brake mods.

Complete suspension subsection.

Electrical system mods.

Up to date supplier/specialist list, including web info.

Exciting cylinder head airflow diagrams and dyno data.


Alfa Romeo V6 engines and cars have been around for a good 25 years now, so it is about time enthusiasts of these great cars were offered a tuning/performance manual leading to more power, pleasure and excitement from the last high performance rwd Alfas. Here is the first ever Alfa V6 tuning book covering all aspects of engine/chassis improvements. Cylinder head mods, flowbench diagrams and dyno plots, big-brake conversions and suspension mods as well as electrical system improvements.


This book follows in the tracks of the author's well-known, in Alfa circles, DOHC tuning manual. V6 enthusiasts everywhere now have a perfect guide for preserving, improving and modifying these excellent cars. The author, in his usual detailed way, has compiled all kinds of useful information and techniques to increase power, performance and the reliability of these rwd Alfas and their engines.

This book is the result of much research, also first-hand experience gained through many projects concerning Alfa V6 rwd models, from the GTV6 series to the last of the 75 3.0 models. A wealth of completely new information can be found here regarding cylinder head mods, big-brake mods, LSD adjustment procedure, suspension modifications for road and track, electrical system improvements, flowbench diagrams, dyno plots and more.

If you have a soft spot for Alfa V6s, this is really a book worth reading!

The Alfa Romeo V6 Engine High-Performance Manual

OndertitelCovers GTV6, 75 & 164 2.5 & 3 litre engines
Over de auteur(s)Jim Kartalamakis, 52, was born in Salonica, Greece. After finishing high school in Athens he went to Toronto, Canada, to study Electrical Engineering. At age 23, after a few Detroit musclecars, he bought his first Alfa and thatís where it all started.

Publicatie datum2011
SerieSpeedPro Series
OpmerkingenAlso includes (not for front wheel drive) advice on suspension, brakes & transmission
TaalEngels | English
BindingZachte kaft | Softbound
Afmetingen208 x 25 mm
VoorraadBeperkte voorraad


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