Talbot - - Talbot Lago Grand Sport 9781854432476 Peter M. Larsen with Ben Erickson
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Auto-Jahr 2006/07 nr 54
Auto-Jahr 2006/07 nr 54

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Talbot-Lago Grand Sport
From 1948 to 1953, the Talbot-Lago Grand Sport was the star on the stands of the famous carrossiers at the Paris Salons and the shows in Geneva, Brussels and London. They were entered by their wealthy owners in post-war concours d’elegance in France and abroad, and they often won the grand prize for their elegance. A Talbot-Lago Grand Sport still does today, whenever one is shown. It looks like nothing else. It is remarkable. It draws a crowd.

The Talbot-Lago Grand Sport was an automobile destined for the grand cru sportsman and chic Parisian society in equal measure. It was a grand gesture, and the final flowering in France of the great tradition of the truly custom motorcar. The Grand Sport was outrageously exclusive not just because of its price, which was stratospheric, or its limited practicality, which was irrelevant, but because it was chic, ritzy, aristocratic and sharp as a knife all at once. The Grand Sport chassis with it’s unique hand-crafted body was a thing of luxury, appealing to a sophisticated clientele who could appreciate its superb pedigree and giving admission to the elite gatherings on the racing and concours circuit, no questions asked.

The Talbot-Lago Grand Sport was French haute couture in metal. It was "The Car from Paris”, the last of a kind. Here is the story of Anthony Lago and his rise from penniless car dealer in London to luxury car maker in France, and how the Grand Sport was born. And the story of every single Grand Sport chassis built.

Talbot-Lago Grand Sport
Talbot-Lago Grand SportTalbot-Lago Grand SportTalbot-Lago Grand Sport
Talbot-Lago Grand SportTalbot-Lago Grand SportTalbot-Lago Grand Sport
Talbot-Lago Grand SportTalbot-Lago Grand SportTalbot-Lago Grand Sport
Talbot-Lago Grand SportTalbot-Lago Grand Sport

SubtitleThe Car from Paris
Author(s)Peter M. Larsen with Ben Erickson
About the author(s)Peter M. Larsen
Born in 1954, Peter Larsen has been a chronic gearhead all his life. Those who were there have said that the first word he learned to utter was “Opel”. Peter Larsen is a Fulbright scholar and holds a Ph.D. in English literature and semiotics from the University of Copenhagen and Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. He has a wide taste in cars having owned automobiles as varied as a Bizzarrini, Facel-Vega, a Duesenberg Model J and a number of Maseratis. However, while the Italian and American classics are stimulating, his enduring fascination has been with French cars in general and Talbot-Lago in particular, including ownership of two Grand Sports. Another great interest is coachwork and coachbuilding. The great French carrossiers are an unending source of fascinating shapes to study. Peter Larsen has worked for many years in the entertainment industry and is now involved in linguistic work. He lives in Copenhagen and is planning to write more books about French carrossiers.

Ben Erickson
Born in 1975, Ben Erickson grew up in Minnesota, where he was doodling cars long before he could read and write. A special interest are American cars from the challenging years in the 1970s and 1980s when, as Ben says, “they did the best with what they had”. ISO, all things Maserati, especially the Biturbos and other cars by Alejandro DeTomaso hold a special place in his heart, as do Volvos and SAABs. Currently, an AC Cobra MK IV and a Maserati Shamal occupy the garage. He holds a Masters in linguistics and is fluent in four languages including Finnish. After having been an exchange student to Denmark, Ben Erickson moved from the USA in the mid 1990s, and has settled in Denmark after a brief stay in Finland. He has worked for a number of years in the IT industry. Spare time is devoted to music, cars and car shows both in Denmark and abroad.

Year Published2012
LanguageEngels l English
BindingGebonden in houder l Hardbound in slipcase
Pages648+ xxviii
Size233 x 322 x 74 mm
StockNot available, can be ordered upon request


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