KLASSIEKERS - - Rost in peace Automobile Discoveries in the USA 9783667106919 Heribert Niehues
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Ford Cleveland 335-Series V8 engine
Ford Cleveland 335-Series V8 engine

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Rost in peace
Barnfinds are currently rather trendy in the world of old bodies. But the phenomenon is not a new one: Ever since there was a classic car scene, treasure hunters always liked it best, when they came across remnants of interesting classic cars in an overgrown barn or in a remote property. It does not matter whether they can get the find into running order again. It is enough to dream about the possibility and what it would be like …

This beautifully designed illustrated book presents the finds of Heribert Niehues. For decades the avowed fan of classic cars travels the USA and finds sensational car wrecks – again and again. His atmospheric photographs show how they become one with the rough landscapes of the Wild West or the rich green of the Deep South if they have enough time. But cars are not always the main aspect: accompanying fuel stations and motels that were left behind but still wear an aura of the good old times, they too found their way into this book, the first of its kind in Germany.

Immerse yourself in an unfamiliar world of:
Desert, rust and wooden workshops
Old enamel advertising signs at abandoned diners
Limousines, whose chrome-plated radiator grills do no longer shine
Car dumps, the average tourist will never set foot on

Rost in peace

OndertitelAutomobile Discoveries in the USA
Auteur(s)Heribert Niehues
Publicatie datum2016
TaalEngels, Duits l English, German
BindingZachte kaft, met flappen l Softbound, with coverflaps
Afmetingen213 x 241 x 12 mm
VoorraadNiet op voorraad, wel bestelbaar.


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