Maserati - - Maserati // The CitroŽn Years 1968 - 1975 9780957397804 Marc Sonnery
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Maserati // The CitroŽn Years 1968-1975 De Luxe Edition
De Luxe Edition

The full story of the CitroŽn Era at Maserati is brought to life by Marc Sonnery, author of 'Rebel Rebel', a history of the Ferrari Breadvan. The definitive book on the Maserati Khamsin, Bora & Merak, plus special sections on the CitroŽn SM, the Ligier JS2 and more.

The least documented era of Maseratiís history, the CitroŽn period of ownership, is also the most misunderstood. The era started with immense promise as the venerable Modenese firm, previously in dire financial straits, was modernized and reorganized, the clearest evidence being the replacement of obsolete models using old fashioned technology, firstly with the cutting-edge Bora, the most advanced and accomplished of all the first generation mid-engined cars, then with the Khamsin, the most sophisticated and competent front-engined car of the seventies, and lastly with the Merak, which afforded excellent handling and a beautiful shape to a whole new group of Maserati buyers.

All these models are described here in detail, in addition to the CitroŽn SM, which prompted the French manufacturer to buy Maserati when seeking an engine for its flagship Grand Tourisme. Also covered are the stillborn Quattroporte II, the Bora Gp 4 racers, the Khamsin Spyder and the little known yet fascinating Ligier Maserati JS2 road and racing cars.

Further insight into this period of Maserati history describes the engines themselves, including the special V8 which had been intended for the Quattroporte II after the initial V6, and the CitroŽn SM which was eventually fitted with this prototype engine.

This long awaited book includes over 150,000 words of exhaustive research and a wealth of new and previously unpublished material, the result of unprecedented access to Maserati in Modena and CitroŽn in Paris as well as major private archives. There are over 70,000 words of interviews with Maserati and CitroŽn participants in the saga, many of whom had never ever been interviewed and several have unfortunately since passed away. This is the definitive work on an era curtailed by the energy crisis, the introduction of speed limits, the quadrupling of fuel prices and political and social unrest, all of which formed a virtual tsunami which Maserati could not repel, leading to its closing and sale to de Tomaso with Italian government help.

Maserati // The CitroŽn Years 1968-1975 De Luxe Edition
Maserati // The CitroŽn Years 1968-1975 De Luxe EditionMaserati // The CitroŽn Years 1968-1975 De Luxe Edition

SubtitleBora // Khamsin // Merak // Quattroporte II // CitroŽn SM // Ligier Maserati JS2
Author(s)Marc Sonnery
Year Published2013
RemarksVoorwoord door l Foreword by Jay Leno
LanguageEngels l English
BindingGebonden, met stofomslag l Hardbound, with dustjacket
Size250 x 310 x 40 mm
StockNot available, can be ordered upon request


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