Jaguar - - Jaguar XK 150 Explored 9781908658111 Bernard Viart
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JAGUAR Lightweight E-type GREAT CARS 1
JAGUAR Lightweight E-type GREAT CARS 1

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Jaguar XK 150 explored
XK 150 is the third in the 'XK Explored' series. Like the others, this has the same astonishing detail and artwork which depicts every inch of the car through some 2,500+ perspective colour drawings of body, chassis, suspension, brakes, interior, instrumentation, wiring, engine etc components. Covers lefthand and righthand drive cars, and all models – fixedhead, drophead, open two-seater and 'S' variants.

This book is the result of nearly three years' research and work by the author Bernard Viart. Essential for owners/restorers, the 'Explored' books are favoured by the trade – they allow ordering parts to be much easier for all concerned, without a language barrier!

Superbly produced with hard boards and jacket, XK 150 Explored runs to 445 pages and along with 360 pages of Plates, the history of the car is covered not only by means of detailed text, but also by hundreds of period photographs.

Main Contents (all editions)
History and styling
The bodyshell
Major production changes
Transmission, suspension and brakes
Coachwork, accessories and controls
The XK 150 in production
The Plates: the data
The Plates: chassis, steering, suspension, brakes, engine, fuel system,
transmission, wheels, tyres, the electrics, wiring diagrams, accessories, body, hood and trim
Portfolio One: A pictorial tribute
Portfolio Two: Special-bodied cars
Portfolio Three: The XK 150 in Competition

Jaguar XK 150 explored
Jaguar XK 150 exploredJaguar XK 150 exploredJaguar XK 150 explored
Jaguar XK 150 explored

Auteur(s)Bernard Viart
Over de auteur(s)Companion volume to XK 120 Explored & Jaguar XK 140 explored
Publicatie datum2015
Serie'XK Explored' series
OpmerkingenOver 2500 Original Drawings
TaalEngels | English
BindingGebonden, met stofomslag l Hardbound, with dustjacket
Afmetingen230 x 303 x 40 mm
VoorraadNiet op voorraad, wel bestelbaar.


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