The Jowett Jupiter — the car that leaped to fame

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by Edmund Nankivell From the Jupiter’s inception and development, to its sporting successes,... mehr
The Jowett Jupiter — the car that leaped to fame

by Edmund Nankivell

From the Jupiter’s inception and development, to its sporting successes, and its current status as a sought-after classic, this book is a complete study of the model and a unique work written by the world authority on the Jupiter.

With its advanced chassis designed by Dr Eberan-Eberhorst, the noted Austrian engineer who was also responsible for designing the Auto Union Type D Grand Prix car, the Jowett Jupiter was an instant hit. Its responsive handling and lively engine made the Jupiter a great sporting success from the off, with a record-breaking win at the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1950, and a class 1-2 win at the 1951 Monte Carlo International Rally.

This book covers the Jupiter’s success across the board, revealing the full chronology of the model, its racing derivatives, and the special-bodied Jupiters from the likes of Stabilimenti Farina and Abbott of Farnham. With chapters detailing Jupiters in current use, historic racing, and concours events, this new edition includes more images and updated information, and provides a comprehensive record of this fantastic, historic car.


  • The Jowett Jupiter
  • The Jupiter Experiment
    The skin and beneath
    Summary of road tests
    Comparisons with other cars of the period
    Good Works and private race and rally results 1950-1953
    Jowett Jupiter records
  • The Leap to Fame - Le Mans and the R1 Jupiters
  • The Major Rallies 1949 to 1953
  • Races and Speed Events 1950 to 1953
  • Other Rallies and Events 1950 to 1966
  • Jupiters Yesterday and Today
    25,000 miles in a Jowett Jupiter
    The Jupiter in Concours d'Elegance
    The Jupiter in Historic racing
    Current use
  • The History of the R4 Jupiters
  • Special-bodied Jupiters: the Coachbuilders
  • The Jupiter Register
  • Epilogue: Sir Hugh Bell remembers
  • Appendix: A Jupiter Chronology

Buch, Hardcover, 25,5 x 25,5 cm, 224 Seiten, 226 teils farbige Abbildungen, englischer Text

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