The Kellner Affair — Matters of Life and Death

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by Peter M. Larsen and Ben Erickson The Kellner Affair tells the fascinating story of some... mehr
The Kellner Affair — Matters of Life and Death

by Peter M. Larsen and Ben Erickson

The Kellner Affair tells the fascinating story of some of the most influential people in the French luxury car business before the War and how they came together and fought bravely against the Nazi occupation force in Paris. It tells how they formed a resistance group and gathered intelligence -  how they were betrayed by double agents, and how they were executed in 1942.

These people included the famous coachbuilder Jacques Kellner, the designer Georges Paulin, and Walter Sleator, the director of Rolls-Royce France, who survived. The book goes deeply into their talent, their work, their lives, their cars, their loved ones and relies on newly discovered archive material as well as private documents that have never previously been published.

The Kellner Affair is the first factual account of these tragic and gripping events: what happened, how it happened, who was to blame, who was punished, and who was not.

Volumes I and II also include an in-depth discussion of aerodynamic cars, the famous streamlined designs of Georges Paulin, and the duplicitous way in which Walter Sleator assumed control of Rolls-Royce France after the Liberation. In addition, Volume III contains a large portfolio of period images of Kellner-bodied cars such as Hispano-Suiza, Renault, Rolls-Royce, Bugatti, Farman, and many more, along with period articles and a wealth of design drawings as well as facsimile reprints of Kellner brochures. The USB flashdrive in Volume III links to 401 pages of scanned source and reference material that document the book.

Buch, Hardcover, 3 Bände im Schuber, 23 x 32 cm, inges. 1.056 Seiten, 1.568 teils farbige Abbildungen, englischer Text
inkl. USB-Stick (401 Seiten / 388 Bilder)
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