TVR · All the Cars — A model-by-model history of TVR

TVR · All the Cars — A model-by-model history of TVR
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by Iain Ayre Published to coincide with TVR's 60th anniversary, this extensively... mehr
TVR · All the Cars — A model-by-model history of TVR

by Iain Ayre

Published to coincide with TVR's 60th anniversary, this extensively illustrated book documents each and every model produced by the Blackpool marque. Over the last six decades, the TVR brand has passed through a number of owners and has endured its fair share of crises, in spite of which it has left an indelible mark on the motoring world, producing an almost continuous output of hairy-chested, no-nonsense sports cars. Ostentatious styling has always been a TVR trademark, and while not all of its creations have received the plaudits of the motoring press, nobody can deny that a TVR has presence.

The very first TVR, built by founder Trevor Wilkinson, was essentially an aluminium-bodied special based on an Alvis Firebird. Since those formative early years, the company has carved out a niche as a producer of flamboyantly sculpted, unmistakably British performance cars, designed to assault the senses in every way.

The chronological coverage of each model, from the early Alvis Specials to the racing-inspired Sagaris, provides a fascinating insight into the design, engineering and evolution of each car, as well as commenting on the never-dull driving experience offered. Further coverage includes a look at the racing endeavours of the marque, details of the various prototypes and one-offs, and an appendix detailing the engines used over the years. For would-be TVR owners, there is invaluable advice on buying, running and restoring a TVR.


  • Introduction: TVR - The legacy of Trevor
  • Reality check: Buying, running and restoring a TVR
  • Early years: From Alvis specials to the TVR Mk. I
  • The Grantura: The first real production TVRs
  • Vixen variants: Ford and Triumph-based cars
  • M series: The Martin years - stability and exports
  • Taimar: Finally a hatchback
  • Tasmin: Futuristic wedges
  • 350i - 450SEAC: The psycho-Tasmins
  • Convertibles: Retro, not rehash
  • Griffith: The cleanest sports car design ever?
  • Chimaera: 160 mph and a jolly useful boot
  • Cerbera: Bigger doors than Buck House
  • Tuscan: The straight six gets steroids
  • Tamora: A sensible TVR
  • T350C & T350T: Endurance racers tamed
  • T400R & T440R: Endurance racers untamed
  • Sagaris: Endurance racers homologated
  • Speed Twelve: The Cerbera on acid
  • Racing: From Le Mans to ... Le Mans
  • Prototypes: Might-have-beens & should have-beens
  • On the horizon: Cunning plans
  • Appendix 1: Which engine went where
  • Appendix 2: Related matters

Buch, Hardcover, 21 x 27,5 cm, 160 Seiten, 300 farbige Abbildungen, englischer Text