Original Triumph TR7 & TR8 — The Restorer's Guide

Original Triumph TR7 & TR8 — The Restorer's Guide
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by Bill Piggott When launched in 1976, the Triumph TR7, successor to a line of TRs that... mehr
Original Triumph TR7 & TR8 — The Restorer's Guide

by Bill Piggott

When launched in 1976, the Triumph TR7, successor to a line of TRs that epitomised the British sports car for more than 20 years, came as a complete surprise. It still had a front engine, certainly, and it was still a two-seater, but its resolutely modern wedge shape held no echoes of previous TR models, and to general consternation, it was a closed coupe rather than an open roadster. Yet, it performed like asports car and had excellent handling. Its real popularity began when the convertible model arrived and the V8-powered TR8 was introduced, providing all the power and performance that anyone could demand. Despite the initial popularity, by 1981 it was all over and for many years there was very little interest in the cars. Today, however, the picture is changing. TR7s and TR8s are being cherished and restored by a growing band of enthusiasts. In addition, there is now a thriving trade in converting TR7s to V8 power.

This book is the essential companion to these cars. Its aim is to reveal, in words and colour pictures, the detailed specifications of the range throughout production. Although one TR7 may look much like another to the untrained eye, a surprising number of specification changes occurred over the years, and the author's extensive research has revealed plenty of new information about them. Drawing from factory records, parts lists, and catalogues, as well as the accumulated knowledge of dedicated enthusiasts, this book provides an extensive survey of the TR7 and TR8.

Accompanying the text are 225 specially commissioned photographs of highly original vehicles, showing every permutation of TR7 and TR8. Besides the mainstream models, the more unusual versions illustrated include the Premium special edition and an outstanding example of a Grinnall conversion.


  • Introduction & Acknowledgments
  • TR7 & TR8 Past & Present
  • Body
  • Interior
    Dashboard, Instruments & Controls
    Sunroof & Weather Equipment
    Boot & Tools
  • Engine
    Fuel System
    Exhaust System
    Cooling System & Heater
  • Transmission
  • Suspension, Steering & Brakes
    Wheels & Tyres
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Sprints, Special Editions & Grinnall Conversions
  • Options & Accessories
  • Production Chronology
    Brief Specifications
  • Identification, Dating & Production Figures
  • Colour & Trim Schemes
  • Buying Guide
  • Clubs
  • Index

Buch, Hardcover, 23 x 30 cm, 225 farbige Abbildungen, englischer Text