Rare & Unique Vehicles — No. 11 · Summer 2023

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Fascinating Automotive History Rare & Unique Vehicles is an exciting quarterly magazine,... mehr
Rare & Unique Vehicles — No. 11 · Summer 2023

Fascinating Automotive History

Rare & Unique Vehicles is an exciting quarterly magazine, which aims to show and interpret the rarest and the most unique vehicles from the world of classic motoring.

Each issue focuses on a central theme, followed by a few anniversary-related features, and two sections: "Collector's Corner" and "Spin the Globe". "Collector's Corner" shows exciting cars, trucks and motorcycles from private collections. "Spin the Globe" is unique column, featuring unusual and interesting cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, and other various transportation vehicles from around the world.

Issue No. 11 features "Imagination" as its central theme.



  • Dr Pál Négyesi: How To Move Forward?
  • Philip Tooth: Czech Fours – Trojan & Nagl Torpedo V4
  • Thomas Ulrich: Make Do With – Cyclecars in Germany
  • Eric Eckermann: Searching For the Unknown – The Life of Wilhelm Kunz
  • Dr Pál Négyesi – Burkhard Broser: Ads With a Twist – The Story of Publicity Vehicles
  • Steve Hole: As Wild As They Come – A Tribute to Barry Stimson
  • Rich Truesdell: What Might Have Been – AMC AMX/3
  • Anthony Marchese: Luigi Colani – A Three-Dimensional Philosopher
  • Erik Van Ingen Schenau: Sickles & Stars – Mysterious Mercedes Cars in North Korea
  • Dr Pál Négyesi: Adrenaline From Down Under – Giacottolo Group B
  • Dr Pál Négyesi: Reimagining The Past – Custom Hot Rods
  • Alexander Fritz – Brandon Saunders: Educating Young Minds – Prototypes from Kaiserslautern and Chiba

Collectors’ Plaza

  • Sammlung K: The Stradivarius Of The Road – Mercedes-Benz 630K Erdmann & Rossi, 1928
  • Metropole Druten Museum: Family Treasure – Fiat 1100 Padovan
  • Lane Motor Museum: Focusing On The Front – Ben Gregory’s Front-Wheel-Drive Fascination
  • Louwman Museum: Like a Breeze – Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith by Vignale

Spin The Globe

  • Frederico Signorelli: Prototype from a Farm – Minutoli-Millo 8HP, 1902

Magazin, 21 x 28 cm, 146 Seiten, zahlreiche Abbildungen, englischer Text