Fiat Nuova 500 reference

Fiat Nuova 500 reference
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by Enzo Altorio This book reconstructs the birth, the development and the evolutions of... mehr
Fiat Nuova 500 reference

by Enzo Altorio

This book reconstructs the birth, the development and the evolutions of this four wheels myth as a great industrial novel, creating an accurate and complete book-casket able to propose itself as a fascinating document on the most recent national history. Developed starting from the book FIAT NUOVA 500 written by the author in the first 1990s with the direct contribution of the car engineer, the engineer Dante Giacosa, FIAT NUOVA 500 reference represents to date the most complete and exhaustive research on the car most loved by the Italians. The Autobianchi Bianchina, the Abarth and Giannini elaborations, the Steyr-Puch, the countless special body derivations and the competitions are included.


  • Italian mass motorisation
  • Fiat and the utility car
  • Engineer Dante Giacosa
  • The follow-up of the 500 Topolino
  • Project 100
  • Beyond the 600
  • The birth of the Nuova 500
  • Project 110's shapes and forms
  • The new monocoque
  • The design of the body
  • Development of the twin-cylinder engine
  • The 110.000 engine
  • The Nuova 500 is completed
  • 4 July 1957: the presentation
  • A lukeward sales launch
  • The Nuova 500 Sport
  • The Nuova 500 D
  • The 500 Giardiniera
  • The 500 F
  • The 500 L
  • The 500 R and the 126
  • The Bianchina
  • The spin-off phenomenon
  • The Abarths
  • The Gianninis
  • The Steyr-Puchs
  • Custom-built models and spin-offs
  • The races
  • Chassis numbers and production
  • Technical specifications

Buch, Hardcover, 23 x 32,5 cm, 288 Seiten, 500 teils farbige Abbildungen, englischer Text
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