The International Motor Racing Guide — The Complete Reference from Formula 1 to Nascar

The International Motor Racing Guide — The Complete Reference from Formula 1 to Nascar
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by Peter Higham The complete Reference about : F1 Formula 1 World Championship Grand... mehr
The International Motor Racing Guide — The Complete Reference from Formula 1 to Nascar

by Peter Higham

The complete Reference about:

  • F1 Formula 1 World Championship
  • Grand Prix Racing before 1950
  • Indianapolis 500
  • Cart
  • Indy Racing League
  • Nascar
  • Le Mans 24 Hours
  • European F2 Championship
  • International Formula 3000 Championship
  • World Sports Car Championship
  • National Championships and circuits
  • A-Z of drivers and manufacturers

Building on the success of the previous edition, Higham's volume is an unrivaled reference work on motorcar racing at its upper echelons, from stock cars to the highly specialized machines of Formula 1 and the Indianapolis 500.

The first sections provide details on the history and rules of 20 different races, leagues, and championship series. Each section offers a year-by-year summary of top finishers, an overview of the season, and overall records for all drivers in each race they started in the league or series under consideration. The author has done a fine job of covering all the major American, European, and international series from Formula 3000 and ProCar up through Formula 1 and NASCAR. Effectively, this includes all major and many more minor established professional racing series and events.

In the section titled "Racing around the World," the author compiles information about every major racing venue. The section is organized by country, and for each venue, information about different configurations, changes to the course over time, and winners of major races are given. Also included are basic statistics of each course, Web addresses, and graphical depictions.

The last section of the volume is an alphabetical listing of drivers. Higham's criteria for inclusion are quite broad and bring in many drivers who did no more than attempt to qualify for a major event. Each driver entry includes date and place of birth and a listing of starts within established major series along with the driver's record overall within that series. The very last page of the volume is a brief but helpful bibliography of works about racing, including titles of important magazines and media guides as well as books and a few Web sites.

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