Ferrari Prototype Era — 1962-1973 in Photographs

Ferrari Prototype Era — 1962-1973 in Photographs
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by Alan Henry Beginning with the first Ferrari mid-engine prototype, the 246SP, and carrying... mehr
Ferrari Prototype Era — 1962-1973 in Photographs

by Alan Henry

Beginning with the first Ferrari mid-engine prototype, the 246SP, and carrying through to the 512s and mighty 312PBs, the author recounts an epic period in motor racing of indomitable cars and superb drivers in Ferrari Prototype Era: 1962-1973 in Photographs.

This beautiful photographic history brings back these trend-setting sports-prototypes in all their glory, as well as the drivers who raced them and the classic circuits that were host to their legendary competitions. Ferrari waged fierce battles and had long, intensive rivalries with Porsche, Ford, Matra, and other marques. In 1962 Ferrari won the new Challenge Mondiale (World Challenge), and repeated their success in 1963, 1964, 1965, 1967, 1968, and 1972. Ferraris efforts were bolstered by an international field of successful concessionaires-the privateer teams-led by Luigi Chinettis North American Racing Team (NART), Jacques Swaterss Ecurie Francorchamps, and Ronnie Hoares Maranello Concessionaires. Most of the Scuderia Ferrari sports car drivers also raced in Formula 1, either for Ferrari or for opposing teams. This explosive display of driving talent coincided with an exciting revolution in technology, as rear-engine designs began to supplant traditional front-engine cars in the early sixties. Sports car racing was hugely popular and on par with Formula 1. From the sheer size of the crowds shown here, it is easy to see how important winning the World Championship was to manufacturers. Replete with fascinating detail, Ferrari Prototype Era captures the most compelling images of the men and machines of this 12-year period in one volume, including insights on drivers, technical developments, chassis numbers for each car, and race details.


  • A Year in Transition: The 196SP and 246SP, 1962
  • The first Mid-Engine V-12 Sports Car: The 250P and 275P, 1963-65
  • The P3 and P4: Enzo Ferrari's final Battle with Ford, 1966-67
  • Taking a new Direction: The graceful 312P, 1968-69
  • The Debut of the Fabulous 512s, 1970
  • The glorious Finale: The 512M and 312PB, 1971-73

Buch, Hardcover, 28,5 x 28,5 cm, 172 Seiten, 95 farbige und 41 s/w-Abbildungen, englischer Text
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