CitroŽn - - Citroen DS in Miniature An Encyclopedic Collection 9789082358407 Marten Boersma
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CitroŽn DS in Miniature
This hardcover book of 464 full color pages presents other 4200 pictures with some 5000 references of CitroŽn DS model cars / miniatures produced during the past 60 years, in all scales by Atlas, Bandai, CIJ, Clť, Corgi, Dan toys, Dinky-Toys, Eko, Eligor, Eria, Ferrero, France-Jouets, Frobly, Gťgť, Gitanes, Glico, Heller, Ingap, JEP, Ichimura, ID / DS passion, Jato, JMO, Jouef, JB Models, Joujoulac, Joustra, JRD, Laerdal, Lego, Mšrkin, Matchbox, Meccano, Minialuxe, Mizuno, Norev, Osul, Pilen, Poligny, Politoys, Quiralu, Richard, Schuco, Solido, TCM, T.Toys, Vilac, Wiking... Models are shown in original colours and in perfect condition, together with its original box/packing.
In this complete overview of what has been produced, you will find:

Scale models from Citroen Bureau d'Etude
Toycars and Diecast
Toy prototypes
Trial colours
Pedal cars DS
Roundabout DS
Customized models
Art models
Models built from scratch
Models made by artisans

The DS19 was designed by the Italian sculptor and architect, Flaminio Bertoni. At CitroŽn, Andrť LefŤbvre played a major role in the technical development of the car.
The DS is famous because of its hydro pneumatic suspension and its futurist line. It took CitroŽn till 1955 to launch the VGD ( Vehicule de Grande Diffusion ), the name of the project.
It couldn't be ignored, the lines of the DS were brilliant.
It was a sensation at the 1955 Parisian Motor Show and it was also the start for toy manufactures to produce miniatures.
The owner of the company of Monart, maker of wooden toys under the name Joujoulac near Paris, was impressed by the DS at the Motor show and he introduced a huge 1:10 scale wooden detailed DS toy for smaller children in November 1955. This was probably the first commercial DS model car.

CitroŽn DS in Miniature
CitroŽn DS in MiniatureCitroŽn DS in MiniatureCitroŽn DS in Miniature

OndertitelAn Encyclopedic Collection
Auteur(s)Marten Boersma & Marc Hermans
Publicatie datum2015
OpmerkingenThe English texts are written by Marten Boersma
TaalEngels l English
BindingGebonden l Hardbound
Afmetingen240 x 280 mm
VoorraadNiet op voorraad, wel bestelbaar.


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