CitroŽn - - Citroen traction avant 7-11-15 9788898344246 Ubaldo Nifosi
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PININFARINA Identity of a Design

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Citroen traction avant 7-11-15
In the context of Motoring, the "Traction Avant" Citroen is a milestone, a real point of discontinuity between the old and the new concept car: thanks to the front-wheel drive, the bearing body and, in recent specimens the more luxurious version, the "15 Six", thanks to the testing of the hydro-pneumatic suspension, here only to the rear, which would characterize the subsequent "DS", another momentous vehicle of transalpine House. The French are justly proud of it, so much so that the literature on this basic model is very large, since, of course, the French, numbered texts of the first order. Why, then, this book? The answer is given by the author himself, born in Tunisia, in the early fifties still French colony, a country where many circulating Citroen "Traction" which even then were observed by him trying to distingueme differences: "want to tell as they are today managed to learn. " The result is before your eyes: a useful handbook where the search for detail or description of a particular are analyzed to the point, to allow us to distinguish the models in their many variations occurred in the course of more than two decades of production. Details sought by the author in the world of miniature reproductions. Symptomatic and further evidence of a real passion for this Citroen. Passion that ASI Service wanted to make their own concurrently with the submission of the eighty "Traction", thus offering to its "fans" Italian new interest of and opportunities for discussion.
Citroen traction avant 7-11-15
Citroen traction avant 7-11-15

OndertitelStoria ed evoluzione dal 1934 al 1957
Auteur(s)Ubaldo Nifosi
Publicatie datum2015
TaalItaliaans l Italian
BindingGebonden | Hardbound
Afmetingen210 x 290 x 20 mm
VoorraadOp voorraad in winkel


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