Cosworth — The Search for Power (6th Edition)

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by Graham Robson Not only has Cosworth designed and supplied many race car engines, which... more
Cosworth — The Search for Power (6th Edition)

by Graham Robson

Not only has Cosworth designed and supplied many race car engines, which won F1, CART, and many other Championship races, but it has also produced many celebrated high-performance road-car engines. In more recent times, its growing expertise in developing electronic data capture components, and in providing ultra-high-tech engine manufacturing facilities, has made it a world leader. The expansion continues, and in this book the Cosworth story has been brought up-to-the-minute to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth of the legendary DFV F1 engine.


  • Keith Duckworth and Mike Costin – the founders
  • Early days in North London
  • Big moves – to Northampton, and into F2
  • Fame in F1 – the DFV project
  • Belt-drive – BDA and its successors
  • Diversions – cars, motorcycle engines, and automatic transmissions
  • The world’s motor industry comes shopping
  • DFV developments – Cosworth’s amazing V8
  • Turbocharging in F1 – the Ford V6 project
  • Company into Group – Worcester, Wellingborough, UEI and Carlton
  • The Sierra project – a quantum leap into the future
  • A new ‘atmo’ F1 engine for the 1990s
  • New business in the 1990s …
  • Motorsport – winning all around the world
  • Turbo V8s and V10s – the pace quickens
  • Cosworth Racing + Ford – a new life beckons
  • Cosworth in the new century
  • Cosworth’s last F1 engines
  • New products and new horizons
  • Appendices:
    Cosworth engines from the very beginning
    Cosworth-engined road cars
    Victories by Cosworth-Ford-engined cars in World Championship F1 races
    The list of F1 makes that used Cosworth-Ford engines – 1967-2013
  • The thoughts of Chairman Duckworth

Buch, Hardcover, 25,5 x 25,5 cm, 256 Seiten, 312 überwiegend farbige Abbildungen, englischer Text