Rare & Unique Vehicles — No. 9 · Winter 2022

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Fascinating Automotive History Rare & Unique Vehicles is an exciting quarterly magazine,... more
Rare & Unique Vehicles — No. 9 · Winter 2022

Fascinating Automotive History

Rare & Unique Vehicles is an exciting quarterly magazine, which aims to show and interpret the rarest and the most unique vehicles from the world of classic motoring.

Each issue focuses on a central theme, followed by a few anniversary-related features, and two sections: "Collector's Corner" and "Spin the Globe". "Collector's Corner" shows exciting cars, trucks and motorcycles from private collections. "Spin the Globe" is unique column, featuring unusual and interesting cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, and other various transportation vehicles from around the world.

Issue No. 9 is featuring “Provenance” as its central theme.



  • David Cooper: What is Provenance?
  • Eric Eckermann: Tempi Passati – Theodor Liebig’s 1894 Journey on a Benz
  • David Cooper & Peter Moss: Uncovered – Dorothy Patten’s mysterious life and her Peugeot 402
  • Dr Pál Négyesi: Left Behind – Maserati 8CM #3015
  • Dennis Adler: Star Power – Clark Gable & Gary Cooper’s Duesenberg SSJ Roadster
  • Pat Garnier:Obsession – How Fritz Schlumpf Acquired Collectible Cars
  • Alexander W Trimmel: Springboard – Jochen Rindt’s Cooper T59
  • Dr Pál Négyesi: Ticket To Ride – John Lennon’s Rolls-Royce Phantom V
  • Rich Truesdell: Italian Pagoda – Mercedes 230 SL by Pininfarina
  • Marco Annunziata: Last Attempt – ATS 1000 Sp
  • Dr Pál Négyesi: Sightseeing – Citroën U55 Currus Cityrama

Collectors’ Plaza

  • Sammlung K: War Horse – Benz Gaggenau 28/36 KL14
  • Metropole Druten Museum: Changing Attire – 1902 DeDietrich 16 HP
  • Central Garage: Fitness For Purpose – Mercedes 18/28 HP
  • Lane Motor Museum: High Society – 1954 Simca Weekend Prototype

Spin The Globe

  • Jeroen Booij: First Strike – Uno 001

Magazin, 21 x 28 cm, 146 Seiten, zahlreiche Abbildungen, englischer Text