Range Rover First Generation — The Complete Story

Range Rover First Generation — The Complete Story
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by James Taylor Today, the Range Rover name defines not just a luxury 4x4 vehicle but also a... more
Range Rover First Generation — The Complete Story

by James Taylor

Today, the Range Rover name defines not just a luxury 4x4 vehicle but also a luxury lifestyle. Yet this was not always the case, because the original Range Rover was never designed as a luxury car. Initially intended as a more comfortable and more roadable Land Rover, it was adopted by its buyers as a status symbol and as the emblem of an aspirational lifestyle. Its makers built on this perception to turn it into a credible competitor in the luxury car class.

But this remarkable vehicle was much more than that. It was also adapted for a variety of commercial uses and to suit the needs of the police, fire and ambulance services. It became central to a coachbuilding industry that created exotic and sometimes outrageous bespoke conversions for very wealthy clients. And all the time it retained a formidable rough-terrain ability that would later make it a favourite with weekend off-road enthusiasts when examples became cheap and easy to buy.

Few other cars have remained in production for over a quarter of a century, and no others can claim to have conquered the notoriously demanding US market when their basic design was already seventeen years old. The original Range Rover achieved all this, and yet it undoubtedly had its faults, too. This book draws back the curtain to take a look at the little-known difficulties and problems that were so well concealed by the positive image generated by the Range Rover's makers.

If ever a car deserved the over-used epithet "iconic", the first-generation Range Rover is it. Factual, nostalgic and revealing, this book is a must for all enthusiasts of this highly successful model that went on to change the entire orientation of the company that made it.


  • Origins and Development
  • On the Surface, 1970-79
  • Good Intentions: Behind the Scenes in the 1970s
  • Winds of Change: The 1980-84 Models
  • Embracing Luxury: The 1985-89 Models
  • A Holding Operation: The 1990-94 Models
  • Airbags and Classics: The End of an Era
  • Transatlantic Conquest
  • Conversions: Utility Types
  • Luxury, Leisure and Length
  • Appendices:
    Buying and Owning a Range Rover
    Range Rovers built Overseas
    Vehicle Identification

Buch, Hardcover, 22 x 26,5 cm, 240 Seiten, 223 farbige und 97 s/w-Abbildungen, englischer Text