Aston Martin · Model by Model

Aston Martin · Model by Model
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by Andrew Noakes Aston Martin has one of the longest, most exciting and most turbulent... more
Aston Martin · Model by Model

by Andrew Noakes

Aston Martin has one of the longest, most exciting and most turbulent histories in the motoring world. From its small beginnings as a car dealership in one of the more fashionable parts of London, Aston Martin rose to become a reyered manufacturer of bespoke sports cars and a world champion in sports car racing. Under the ownership of Dayid Brown it produced a succession of fast, beautiful sports cars, which could genuinely claim to be Britain's answer to Ferrari.

But Brown's inyolvement had come at a time when Aston Martin desperately needed inyestment, and it was not the first - or last - occasion when Aston Martin would run out of money. The company was rescued from the brink of oblivion in the 1970s and went on to deyelop a generation of V8 models, including the rapid V8 Vantage and astonishing wedge-shaped Lagonda. In the 1980s, ownership passed to the Ford Motor Company, which invested in new products and new production facilities, turning Aston Martin into a global brand with products to match the very best in the industry. Today, as an independent manufacturer, Aston Martin continues to develop interesting new models, and has returned to sports car racing with considerable success.

This book charts the highs and lows of almost a century of the Aston Martin brand through the car models that have represented Aston Martin on the road and the track. lnside are more than one hundred individual entries detailing every significant Aston Martin model, together with many rare and exciting machines built as racing cars, prototypes or one-offs for wealthy clients. The Lagonda marque, which has for so long been associated with Aston Martin, is also featured heavily. The history, achievements and specification of every car are described and each one is illustrated - many of the pictures in this book have never been published before.

Aston Martin is a very British marque and has survived the trials and tribulations of a century of motoring to take its place as one of the most exciting car makers in the world today. This book is a celebration of that turbulent story and of the great cars of Aston Martin and Lagonda.


  • The Early Years 1912-1945
  • The Feltham Years 1945-1958
  • The Newport Pagnell David Brown Years 1958-1972
  • Mostly V8s - Newport Pagnell 1972-1989
  • Newport Pagnell's Ford Era 1987-2006
  • The Bloxham Cars 1993-2993
  • The Gaydon Era 2000-2012 and Beyond

Buch, Hardcover, 22 x 28,5 cm 208 Seiten, 360 farbige Abbildungen, englischer Text