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ALFA ROMEO Tipo 105 Complete Collection
ALFA ROMEO Tipo 105 Complete Collection

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Audi Quattro 1980-1991 l Gold Portfolio
Reading the material in this book opened my eyes considerably. I also started to wonder about the price and availability of second hand cars, because the message that keeps coming through is about a car that combines the usual thorough German engineering with simplicity of basic design, universality of parts and exciting driving. So I looked up NZCC's excellent price guide, to find that I was about the last person in NZ to discover the desirability of the early Audi Quattros - $28,000 for a Cat A car! (Millers quotes the English price as about £5,000+) For those who don't know much about the Quattro, this book shows what I milestone in motoring history it was when it first arrived. You get this unequivocally from the motoring journalists of the period. These people usually have to carry out some criticism because it's in the nature of critics, (not surprisingly). They don't get too nasty because they might find job security threatened, of course. But in the case of the Audi Quattro the praise is without qualification. Even the rather dumpy shape is eulogised because of the styling work carried out on it. How about 200bhp from a 2144cc five cylinder motor? All this without shortening the life of the motor compared to ordinary non turbo cars and without compromising reliability. The four wheel drive is a masterpiece of simplicity. The product of Ferdinand Piech, the grandson of Ferdinand, every one of the former problems of this form of drive appear to have been overcome, in fact, not only overcome, but improved, ahead of both front and rear-wheel drive vehicle development. I'm not here to tell you about this car, so I'll finish off with a few stats - average 25mpg (from 18mpg to 35.7mpg), top speed of 137mph, 0-50mph in 4.9 secs and vastly reduced tyre wear. (Incidentally, did you know that Audi means listen in Latin, just as Horch does in German? Well, that's who started the Audi company - August Horch!) This book is worth a read simply for the information about an epoch-making car. Models covered: LHD, Series 1, Series 2, Rally Quattro, Treser, 80 Quattro, Treser roadster, Sport Quattro, 20-v Quattro & S2. A total of 172 fully illustrated pages.
Audi Quattro 1980-1991 l Gold Portfolio

OndertitelGold Portfolio
Auteur(s)Samengesteld door l Compiled by R M Clarke
Publicatie datum1992
SerieGold Portfolio
OpmerkingenBrooklands Books provide a wide range and collection of road tests, comparison tests, new model introductions, long term tests, and other articles taken from the worlds leading motoring magazines.
TaalEngels | English
BindingZachte kaft | Softbound
Afmetingen210 x 275 mm
VoorraadNiet op voorraad, wel bestelbaar.


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